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How long will it take you to build my web site

When do I pay for the work

How will my website rank in the search engines

Who is the legal owner of the domain name

Can you build shopping cart sites

Are all the websites in the portfolio websites you have made

Are the websites made from templates

How do we get material to you - like pictures and copy

Can you get my site up and running quicker than a week - I am really desperate to have a website up and running



It normally takes a week to ge all the work done, that is domain name registration, build of website - email set up up
I ask for half of the cost of your project before I start work - and the balance on completion up
When your site is built it will be optimised for submission to search engines. We do not suggest sites to search engines up
You will be the legal owner of your domain name up
Yes, they are a bit more involved and there are some things we would need to establish before I can quote for an online store up
Yes - all the web sites in the portfolio have been built by me. up
No - none of my sites are made from templates, they are all bespoke designs up
There are number of ways for you to get your copy and pictures to me - you can email them, use ftp or send them in the post up
I work a regular 8 hour day if you require your site really quickly it usually isn't a case of putting other work on hold, it's a case of working overtime. I am of course happy to do this at a premium up


Here I hope to answer the questions that I am commonly asked.

If you don't see the answer to your question please visit the contact page and send your question to me.

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